Shane Dielschneider University of Saskatchewan

Shane is a graduate student studying rich embodiment in groupware under the supervision of Dr. Carl Gutwin and Dr. David Mould.

Shane Dielschneider, Grad. Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Saskatchewan
110 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5C9
Tel: +1 306 966 2327
Home: +1 306 665 8030


Games as Neurofeedback Training for Children with FASD
Mandryk, R., Dielschneider, S., Kalyn, M., Bertram, C., Gaetz, M., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Pritchard Orr, A., Keiver, K. (2013), Interaction Design for Children, New York City, USA. 165-172. <doi:10.1145/2485760.2485762>
Turning Off-The-Shelf Games into Biofeedback Games
Mandryk, R., Kalyn, M., Dang, Y., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Dielschneider, S. (2012), ASSETS - DEMO, To appear.


LaVizKit: A visualization toolkit
Visualizations are an effective and visually pleasing way of conveying information to a computer user, but can be difficult for people without skills in design or programming to create.
Rich User Embodiment in Groupware
Embodiments are virtual personifications of the user in real-time distributed groupware. Many embodiments in groupware are simple abstract 2D representations such as avatars and telepointers.