Banani Roy Queen's University and University of Saskatchewan

I am a PhD student at Queen's University. I work under the supervision of Nicholas Graham (Queen's University) and Carl Gutwin (U of S). My office desk is at the interaction lab of U of S. My research is on handling user level disconnection problems (such as confusion and misunderstanding) in real-time groupware. I have built a toolkit called DiscoTech that provides programming help to the developers for adapting the solution for the user level disconnection problems.


DiscoTech: A Plug-In Toolkit to Improve Handling of Disconnection and Reconnection in Real-Time Groupware
Roy, B., Graham, T., Gutwin, C. (2012), The 2012 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Seattle, Washington, USA.


Disconnection Handling in Real-time Groupware
Real-time Groupware A real-time or synchronous groupware is a software application that allows communication and collaboration among geographically-distributed work group members in order to perform some common tasks.