Maic Masuch


Conception and creation of a dental serious game
Woelber, J., Masuch, M., Gerling, K., Fabry, G., Hellwig, E. (2013), Oralprophylaxe Kinderzahnheilkunde, vol. 35 no. 3, 113-119. To appear.
Game Design for Older Adults: Effects of Age-Related Changes on Structural Elements of Digital Games
Gerling, K., Schulte, F., Smeddinck, J., Masuch, M. (2012), The International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC '12), Bremen, Germany. 235-242.
Exploring the Potential of Gamification Among Frail Elderly Persons
Gerling, K., Masuch, M. (2011), CHI 2011 Workshop on Gamification, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Intergenerational Play: Exploring the Needs of Children and Elderly.
Othlinghaus, J., Gerling, K., Masuch, M. (2011), AAL Workshop “Medien. Senioren. Uebermorgen” (Mensch & Computer 2011), Chemnitz, Germany.
Exergaming for Elderly Persons: Analyzing Player Experience and Performance.
Gerling, K., Schild, J., Masuch, M. (2011), Mensch & Computer 2011, Chemnitz, Germany.
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