Andre Doucette Coconut Software

I am an alumni from the HCI lab. I spent 6 great years in the lab, working on my MSc and PhD under the co-supervision of Dr Carl Gutwin and Dr Regan Mandryk.

I'm fascinated by human behaviour, and how the design of digital systems can affect how people feel about, and interact with, the system. My dissertation work investigated how people coordinate the use of physical space above a tabletop, and how this translates into the digital world. It turns out that touching digital tabletop embodiments just isn't awkward like to is to touch physical arms. I developed a set of augmented tabletop embodiments to attempt to bring in some of the automatic coordinative benefits of physical arms into digital tabletop systems.

I am now a Product Manager at Coconut Software, where we improve banking customer experiences.
I was previously VP Software at ORA, the personal alert (, where I spend my days saving lives.

I also design mobile apps on the side. Have an app idea? Reach out today!


Effects of Arm Embodiment on Implicit Coordination, Co-Presence, and Awareness in Mixed-Focus Distributed Tabletop Tasks
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Group Reaching Over Digital Tabletops with Digital Arm Embodiments
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The Effects of Graphical Fidelity on Player Experience
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The Effects of Tactile Feedback and Movement Alteration on Interaction and Awareness with Digital Embodiments
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LaVizKit: A visualization toolkit
Visualizations are an effective and visually pleasing way of conveying information to a computer user, but can be difficult for people without skills in design or programming to create.