Zenja Ivkovic University of Saskatchewan


Quantifying and Mitigating the Negative Effects of Local Latencies on Aiming in 3D Shooter Games
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Posture Training With Real-time Visual Feedback
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Improving Digital Handoff Using the Space Above the Table
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KinectArms: a Toolkit for Capturing and Displaying Arm Embodiments in Distributed Tabletop Groupware
Genest, A., Gutwin, C., Tang, A., Kalyn, M., Ivkovic, Z. (2013), CSCW 2013, To appear.


Gestures are a ubiquitous part of human communication over tables, but when tables are distributed, gestures become difficult to capture and represent.
Forward Error Correction for Groupware
Real-time distributed groupware sends several kinds of messages with varying quality-of-service requirements.