Brian de Alwis


Gone But Not Forgotten: Designing for Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware
Gutwin, C., Graham, T., Wolfe, C., Wong, N., de Alwis, B. (2010), Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2010), 179-188. <doi:10.1145/1718918.1718951>
GT/SD: Real-World Performance and Development Support in a Groupware Toolkit
de Alwis, B., Gutwin, C., Greenberg, S. (2009), Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS), ISBN 978-1-60558-600-7. 265-274. <doi:10.1145/1570433.1570483>


Groupware Toolkit for C#
The GT library is a groupware toolkit with two goals: to simplify the development of real-time distributed groupware, and to improve the performance of distributed applications.
RTChess: Real-Time Chess
About RTChess is a fast-paced, multiplayer, distributed chess game — chess reinvented for group play. Turn-based tabletop games such as checkers and chess are some of the most successful games in history.