Scott Olson

I'm an undergraduate student research assistant working under the supervision of Dr. Carl Gutwin.

My past work in the summer of 2013 involved three projects:

  • An experimental modification to the user interface of the open-source image editor Pinta which made command selection faster for experts, without harming novice performance, called CommandMaps;
  • An experimental Android painting application (from scratch) along the same lines as the Pinta modification, testing a new, faster form of command selection for tablet devices, called FastTap;
  • A modification to a digital tabletop application which a Ph.D. student, Andre Doucette, used to study how people interact over such devices. My modification included making it distributed across a network, with two tables in different rooms, using Microsoft Kinects to send live video of the users' arms to be displayed on the opposite table.


Faster Command Selection on Tablets with FastTap
Gutwin, C., Cockburn, A., Scarr, J., Malacria, S., Olson, S. (2014), ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2014), 2617-2626. <doi:>