Chengzhao Li University of Saskatchewan

I completed my MSc in Computer science in 2017 under the co-supervision of Dr. Carl Gutwin and Dr. Kevin Stanley.

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All Across the Circle: Using Auto-Ordering to Improve Object Transfer between Mobile Devices
Li, C., Gutwin, C., Stanley, K., Nacenta, M. (2016), Graphics Interface (GI'2016), Victoria, BC, Canada. 49-56.
How Disclosing Skill Assistance Affects Play Experience in a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game
Depping, A., Mandryk, R., Li, C., Gutwin, C., Vicencio-Moreira, R. (2016), Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2016), San Jose, CA. 3462-3472. Honourable Mention Award (top 5%).