Cale Passmore University of Saskatchewan

Currently exploring race-ethnicity experience interactions with emerging and digital media as a research associate with HCI.

Graduate of University of Saskatchewan (B.A. Psychology (honors), B.A. English (honors)) and University of Toronto (M.A. English/Critical Theory); my thesis was on "The Language of Consciousness: Phenomenal Experiences of Thinking & Meaning-Making".

Prior work includes: Building and maintaining an international, online learning commons and virtual community center for rural and Indigenous populations; employing hermeneutic phenomenology to resolve dilemmas in self-reported experiences; advances in neurophenomenology as a tool for verifying qualitative data;

Current Interests:

    + Race, ethnicity, class, culture, and marginalization

    + Identity factors in experiences of technology and media

    + Indigenous relationships with emerging technologies

    + Cross-cultural traditions in and methods of healing

    + Phenomenology, language, and narrative

    + Psychology of meaning-making

    + Representation and identification, particularly within pluralistic spaces

    + Dialectical materialist approaches to esteem and social perception


The Privilege of Immersion: Racial and Ethnic Experiences, Perceptions, and Beliefs in Digital Gaming
Passmore, C., Birk, M., Mandryk, R. (2018), CHI '18: Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Montreal, QC, Canada. To appear.
Racial Diversity in Indie Games: Patterns, Challenges, and Opportunities
Passmore, C., Yates, R., Birk, M., Mandryk, R. (2017), Extended Abstracts Publication of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 137-151. <doi:10.1145/3130859.3131438>