Parker Neufeld

I am an undergraduate summer student working under Regan Mandryk. Next year I will complete my B.Sc. Honours in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology. For now, my primary contributions to the lab are my experience in using Unity Engine and my desire to explore new areas of HCI research.

My HCI interests include :

  • educational gaming
  • learning games for language acquisition
  • personality theory and gamer types
  • making eSports gamers healthier and less socially toxic
  • automated game balance
  • leveraging/treating mood disorders(in particular Bipolar Disorder)
  • theories of creativity
  • reducing the stigma of gaming
  • deceptive game balancing
  • procedural and/or dynamic soundtracks in games

My Hobbies:
  • improv Jazz (Drums, Bass)
  • whistling
  • music composition
  • eSports (Currently: Dota 2, Overwatch, Smash Bros Melee | Past: Team Fortress 2 Highlander, StarCraft 2, CS:GO)
  • learning languages (French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese)
  • biking
  • trying to intuitively comprehend math/physics