Jeff Dyck University of Saskatchewan

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Forward Error Correction for Groupware
Real-time distributed groupware sends several kinds of messages with varying quality-of-service requirements.
Groupware Toolkit for C#
The GT library is a groupware toolkit with two goals: to simplify the development of real-time distributed groupware, and to improve the performance of distributed applications.
Improving Network QoS in Groupware
When groupware is used over the Internet, latency, jitter, loss, limited bandwidth, and other factors cripple performance, resulting in what users call "lag".
General Compression Techniques for Small, Frequent Messages
Groupware communicates by sending messages across the network, and groupware programmers use a variety of formats for these messages, such as XML, plain text, or serialized objects.
Visualizing Microarray Data
Visualization tools used to visualize microarray data have problems that limit data exploration. We developed GeneSaw, a microarray visualization workbench designed to increase the efficiency of exploring microarray data.
Awareness In Shared 3D Workspaces
Groupspace is an environment that allows its users to view 3D models in a shared workspace. The purpose of Groupspace is to allow collaborators to view 3D models from any aspect while maintaining an awareness of the viewing perspectives of the other participants in real time.