Michael Kalyn University of Saskatchewan

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Designing wheelchair-based movement games
Gerling, K., Mandryk, R., Miller, M., Kalyn, M., Birk, M., Smeddinck, J. (2015), ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS), vol. 6 no. 2, 6. <doi:10.1145/2724729>


Games as Neurofeedback Training for Children with FASD
Mandryk, R., Dielschneider, S., Kalyn, M., Bertram, C., Gaetz, M., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Pritchard Orr, A., Keiver, K. (2013), Interaction Design for Children, New York City, USA. 165-172. <doi:10.1145/2485760.2485762>

KinectArms: a Toolkit for Capturing and Displaying Arm Embodiments in Distributed Tabletop Groupware
Genest, A., Gutwin, C., Tang, A., Kalyn, M., Ivkovic, Z. (2013), CSCW 2013, To appear.

KINECTWheels: Wheelchair-Accessible Motion-Based Game Interaction
Gerling, K., Kalyn, M., Mandryk, R. (2013), CHI 2013 Extended Abstracts, Paris, France. 3055-3058.

Wheelchair-Based Game Design for Older Adults
Gerling, K., Mandryk, R., Kalyn, M. (2013), The 15th ACM SIGACCESS International Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS 2013), Bellevue, WA, USA. Article 27, 8 pages. Best Student Paper Award. <doi:10.1145/2513383.2513436>


A Method to Turn Any Off-The-Shelf Game Into a Biofeedback Game
Kalyn, M., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Mandryk, R. (2012), GRAND 2012, Montreal.

Turning Off-The-Shelf Games into Biofeedback Games
Mandryk, R., Kalyn, M., Dang, Y., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Dielschneider, S. (2012), ASSETS - DEMO, To appear.


Biofeedback Game Design: Using Direct and Indirect Physiological Control to Enhance Game Interaction
Nacke, L., Kalyn, M., Lough, C., Mandryk, R. (2011), Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2011), Vancouver, BC, Canada. 103-112. Honorable Mention Award. <doi:10.1145/1978942.1978958>