Diane Watson University of Waterloo

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Above Water: an educational game for anxiety
Wehbe, R., Watson, D., Tondello, G., Ganaba, M., Stocco, M., Lee, A., Nacke, L. (2016), CHIPLAY'16, Austin, TX, USA. 79-84. <doi:10.1145/2968120.2971804>

Above Water: extending the play space for health
Wehbe, R., Watson, D., Tondello, G., Nacke, L. (2016), ISS'16, Niagara Falls, CA.. 497-499. <doi:10.1145/2992154.2996882>


Designing a Gameful System to Support the Collection, Curation, Exploration, and Sharing of Sports Memorabilia
Watson, D., Valtchanov, D., Hancock, M., Mandryk, R. (2014), CHIPlay'14, 451-452. <doi:10.1145/2658537.2661322>

Overcoming Interaction Barriers in Large Public Displays Using Personal Devices
Cheung, V., Watson, D., Vermeulen, J., Hancock, M., Scott, S. (2014), ITS'14, Dresden, Germany. 375-380. <doi:10.1145/2669485.2669549>


Deconstructing the Touch Experience
Watson, D., Hancock, M., Mandryk, R., Birk, M. (2013), Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS), St. Andrews, Scotland. 199-208. <doi:10.1145/2512349.2512819>

Gamifying Behaviour that Leads to Learning
Watson, D., Hancock, M., Mandryk, R. (2013), Gamification '13, 87-90.

The Design and Evaluation of a Classroom Exergame
Watson, D., Mandryk, R., Stanley, K. (2013), Gamification '13, 34-41.


An In-Situ Study of Real-Life Listening Context
Watson, D., Mandryk, R. (2012), Sound and Music Computing 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. 11-16.

Modeling Musical Mood from Audio Features and Listening Context on an In-Situ Dataset
Watson, D., Mandryk, R. (2012), ISMIR 2012, Porto, Portugal. 31-36.