Brett Taylor University of Saskatchewan

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Games as Neurofeedback Training for Children with FASD
Mandryk, R., Dielschneider, S., Kalyn, M., Bertram, C., Gaetz, M., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Pritchard Orr, A., Keiver, K. (2013), Interaction Design for Children, New York City, USA. 165-172. <doi:10.1145/2485760.2485762>

Posture Training With Real-time Visual Feedback
Taylor, B., Birk, M., Mandryk, R., Ivkovic, Z. (2013), CHI 2013 Interactivity, Paris, France. 3135-3138. <doi:10.1145/2468356.2479629>


A Method to Turn Any Off-The-Shelf Game Into a Biofeedback Game
Kalyn, M., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Mandryk, R. (2012), GRAND 2012, Montreal.

Creating and Interpreting Abstract Visualizations of Emotion
Taylor, B., Mandryk, R. (2012), Graphics Interface 2012, Toronto, ON. 61-68.

The Design and Evaluation of an Ambient Biofeedback System
Taylor, B. (2012) M.Sc. Thesis, University of Saskatchewan.

Turning Off-The-Shelf Games into Biofeedback Games
Mandryk, R., Kalyn, M., Dang, Y., Doucette, A., Taylor, B., Dielschneider, S. (2012), ASSETS - DEMO, To appear.