Publication: Visualizing Wide Data with Doughnut Views

Overviews of wide two-dimensional datasets are difficult to design because of screen space limitations. The need for an accompanying detail view further reduces the data elements that can be displayed in the overview. We have developed a visualization technique called the doughnut view that wraps a 2D plot around a circle. The doughnut view allows a larger number of data elements to be shown in a single contiguous overview, and saves enough space to provide room for a central detail view.




David Pinelle
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Visualizing Protein-Protein Interaction Datasets
2-hybrid analysis datasets show the level of interaction between protein pairs in cells. However, it is often difficult for biologists to make sense of the patterns and relationships contained in the raw data.


Pinelle, D., Gutwin, C. 2001. Visualizing Wide Data with Doughnut Views., Technical Report HCI-01-02, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan.


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