Publication: PiNiZoRo: A GPS-based Exercise Game for Families

Obesity is a growing problem among children, due in part to their sedentary lifestyles. Time spent engaged in physical activity is decreasing, while time spent playing computer and video games is on the rise. We leverage children's interest in digital games to encourage families to engage in purposeful walking. We present a GPS-based game, played on a mobile device that uses walking as a primary gameplay mechanic. Our game, PiNiZoRo, includes a fighting game, triggered at points along a real-world route, and a map editor that allows parents and recreation specialists to create custom routes in their neighbourhoods. Results from an initial focus group with parents were positive, as they showed enthusiasm for the concept, implementation, and gameplay.




Kevin Stanley Ian Livingston
Electronic Arts
Alan Bandurka Robert Kapiszka
University of Saskatchewan
Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan


Gaming for Fitness
Approximately one in two adults in industrialized countries are physically inactive. This lifestyle contributes to dramatically increasing rates of obesity.


Stanley, K., Livingston, I.J., Bandurka, A., Kapiszka, R., Mandryk, R.L. 2010. PiNiZoRo: A GPS-based Exercise Game for Families. In Proceedings of Future Play 2010, Vancouver, Canada. 276-279. DOI=10.1145/1920778.1920817.


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