Publication: Physiological Indicators for the Evaluation of Co-located Collaborative Play

Emerging technologies offer new ways of using entertainment technology to foster interactions between players and connect people. Evaluating collaborative entertainment technology is challenging because success is not defined in terms of productivity and performance, but in terms of enjoyment and interaction. Current subjective methods are not sufficiently robust in this context. This paper describes an experiment designed to test the efficacy of physiological measures as evaluators of collaborative entertainment technologies. We found evidence that there is a different physiological response in the body when playing against a computer versus playing against a friend. These physiological results are mirrored in the subjective reports provided by the participants. We provide an initial step towards using physiological responses to objectively evaluate a user's experience with collaborative entertainment technology.




Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan
Kori Inkpen


Affective Computing
Evaluation of a user's emotional experience with technology is not well understood, especially when the primary goal of a technology is to entertain (e.g., computer game) or to invoke an emotional experience (e.g., animated film).


Mandryk, R.L., Inkpen, K. 2004. Physiological Indicators for the Evaluation of Co-located Collaborative Play. In Proceedings of CSCW, Chicago, USA. 102-111. DOI=10.1145/1031607.1031625.


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