Publication: Conception and creation of a dental serious game

Introduction: In the past years computer games are more and more used to support health-behaviour. Aim of the project was to plan and to create a dental serious game to improve oral health behaviour in cooperation with experts in the field of gaming, medical psychology and dentistry. Project planning: Based on current gaming-, psychological- and dental concepts aims were formulated and in a second step, realized in a computer game. Technological transfer: A playable prototype of a dental serious game for personal computers with the optional use of a Nintendo Wii controller as an input device was created. Discussion: Computer games offer the possibility to create a new learner friendly environment that can be used for aims in the oral prophylaxis. Main obstacle in further development of these possibilities can be seen in high initial production costs.


Johan Woelber Maic Masuch
Kathrin Gerling
University of Lincoln
Goetz Fabry
Elmar Hellwig


Woelber, J., Masuch, M., Gerling, K.M., Fabry, G., Hellwig, E. 2013. Conception and creation of a dental serious game. In Oralprophylaxe Kinderzahnheilkunde, vol. 35 no. 3, 113-119. To appear.


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