Publication: Motion-Based Game Interaction for Older Adults

Motion-based video games for older adults have become increasingly popular as they are a means of providing physical activity for senior citizens. In this context, it is important to ensure that motion-based game controls are accessible to older adults, and that they can apply them in a safe and enjoyable manner. In this paper, we provide an overview of sedentary and motion-based game controls for older adults, we show how full-body motion-based game input can be designed to be suitable for institutionalized older adults, and we outline potential applications of motion-based systems for senior citizens with a focus on video games, applications for therapy, and projects beyond games.


Kathrin Gerling
University of Lincoln


Gerling, K.M. 2013. Motion-Based Game Interaction for Older Adults. In i-com, vol. 12 no. 2, 19-24. DOI=10.1524/icom.2013.0012.


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