Publication: Shared Desktop Media Item: The Video

The Shared Desktop Media Item is an awareness tool that uses screen sharing to provide a distributed group with mutual awareness of artifacts and individual work. People see others' screens in miniature at the edge of their display, can selectively raise a larger view of that screen to get more detail, and can engage in remote pointing if desired. Through such 'artifact awareness', members of a distributed group can stay aware of what others are doing, monitor progress and coordinate joint tasks, determine when another person can be interrupted, and engage in serendipitous conversation and collaboration. 'Privacy' controls are included to limit what others can see.





Kimberly Tee
University of Calgary
Saul Greenberg
University of Calgary
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan
Gregor McEwan
University of Saskatchewan


Tee, K., Greenberg, S., Gutwin, C., McEwan, G. 2006. Shared Desktop Media Item: The Video. In Video Proceedings of CSCW 2006.


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