Publication: Examining Preferences for Website Support to Parents of Adolescents With Diabetes

Diabetes can be stressful as parents seek optimal outcomes for their adolescent with type 1 diabetes. This study examined parents' interest and perspectives related to online diabetes resources. Based on a qualitative description approach, 14 qualitative group interviews were conducted with (i) parents of adolescents with diabetes (n = 29), and (ii) pediatric health care providers (n = 31). Participants were recruited, through a purposive sampling approach, at pediatric centers in three Canadian cities. Qualitative data were subjected to thematic analysis comprising data coding, categorization, and ultimate theme generation. Participants described parental care for adolescents with diabetes as complex and reflective of difficult and nuanced tasks. They recommended the development of a comprehensive parent-based information and support website, and identified crucial elements of the website. Overarching themes comprised the following: complex parenting processes in diabetes care, parents' need for information and support, challenges and benefits of online support, key elements of an online resource, and caution regarding online resources. Based on these findings, website information and support emerged as a viable and desired resource for augmenting pediatric care within clinical settings. Caution was also offered in addressing potential challenges inherent in online support. Findings offer guidance for online support to parents. KEYWORDS Type 1 diabetes, online resources, parents, pediatrics, information and support




D. Nicholas Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan
B. Paterson


Nicholas, D., Gutwin, C., Paterson, B. 2013. Examining Preferences for Website Support to Parents of Adolescents With Diabetes. In Social Work in Health Care, vol. 52 no. 9, 862-879. DOI=10.1080/00981389.2013.827144.


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