Publication: The ASPECTA toolkit: affordable full coverage displays

Full Coverage Displays (FCDs) cover the interior surface of an entire room with pixels. FCDs make possible many new kinds of immersive display experiences - but current technology for building FCDs is expensive and complex, and software support for developing full-coverage applications is limited. To address these problems, we introduce ASPECTA, a hardware configuration and software toolkit that provide a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for creating full coverage systems. We outline ASPECTA's (minimal) hardware requirements and describe the toolkit's architecture, development API, server implementation, and configuration tool; we also provide a full example of how the toolkit can be used. We performed two evaluations of the toolkit: a case study of a research system built with ASPECTA, and a laboratory study that tested the effectiveness of the API. Our evaluations, as well as multiple examples of ASPECTA in use, show how ASPECTA can simplify configuration and development while still dramatically reducing the cost for creators of applications that take advantage of full-coverage displays.




J. Petford Miguel Nacenta
University of St Andrews, University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan
Joey Eremondi
University of Saskchewan
Cody Ede
Research Assistant


Petford, J., Nacenta, M.A., Gutwin, C., Eremondi, J., Ede, C.M. 2016. The ASPECTA toolkit: affordable full coverage displays. In Proceedings of the ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, ISBN 978-1-4503-4366-4. 87-105. DOI=10.1145/2914920.2915006.


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