Publication: Perspective Cursor: Perspective-based Interaction for Multi-Display Environments

Multi-display environments and smart meeting rooms are now becoming more common. These environments build a shared display space from variety of devices: tablets, projected surfaces, tabletops, and traditional monitors. Since the different display surfaces are usually not organized in a single plane, traditional schemes for stitching the displays together can cause problems for interaction. However, there is a more natural way to compose display space – using perspective. In this paper, we develop interaction techniques for multi-display environments that are based on the user's perspective of the room. We designed the Perspective Cursor, a mapping of cursor to display space that appears natural and logical from wherever the user is located. We conducted an experiment to compare two perspective-based techniques, the Perspective Cursor and a beam-based technique, with traditional stitched displays. We found that both perspective techniques were significantly faster for targeting tasks than the traditional technique, and that Perspective Cursor was the most preferred method. Our results show that integrating perspective into the design of multi-display environments can substantially improve performance.





Miguel Nacenta
University of St Andrews, University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary
Sriram Subramanian
University of Bristol
Samer Sallam Bernard Champoux
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Advanced Interaction for Multi-display Environments
Multi-display environments (interfaces composed by several display surfaces) have the potential to dramatically change the way that we work with digital information: for example, they provide a variety of work surfaces to fit different kinds of tasks, they provide a very large visual bandwidth, they enable the use of peripheral attention space, and they naturally support co-located collaboration.


Nacenta, M.A., Subramanian, S., Sallam, S., Champoux, B., Gutwin, C. 2006. Perspective Cursor: Perspective-based Interaction for Multi-Display Environments. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 289-298.


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