Publication: An investigation of dynamic landmarking functions

It is easy for users to lose awareness of their location and orientation when navigating large information spaces. Providing landmarks is one common technique that helps users remain oriented, alleviating the mental workload and reducing the number of redundant interactions. But how many landmarks should be displayed? We conducted an empirical evaluation of several relationships between the number of potential landmarked items in the display and the number of landmarks rendered at any one time, with results strongly favouring a logarithmic relationship.




P. Quinn Andy Cockburn
University of Canterbury
University of Saskatchewan
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Quinn, P., Cockburn, A., Indratmo, Gutwin, C. 2008. An investigation of dynamic landmarking functions. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, 322-325. DOI=10.1145/1385569.1385623.


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