Publication: Games for the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health

The prevalence of mental illness is on the rise -18% of adults in the USA had a diagnosed mental illness in 2014; however, 57% of adults with mental illness in the USA do not receive treatment. Untreated mental illness has serious consequences. The cost of depression and anxiety alone is estimated at $1 trillion per year in US dollars. In addition to these financial costs, people experience costs to their well-being that range from a lower quality of life to a loss of life. Although mental health care systems can provide support, there are several reasons why people may not receive treatment. For example, there are not enough trained professionals to provide for those in need; access to treatment is lower for people who live in underpopulated or lower-income areas; and people with mild impairment lack access to a system that is already burdened from treating those with more severe issues.




Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan
Max Birk
University of Saskatchewan
Adam Lobel Marieke van Rooij
Isabela Granic Vero Vanden Abeele


Mandryk, R.L., Birk, M., Lobel, A., van Rooij, M., Granic, I., Vanden Abeele, V. 2017. Games for the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health. In Workshop at CHI Play 2017,


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