Publication: Design Principles for Children's Software

Designers of children's technology and software face distinctive challenges. Many design principles used for adult interfaces cannot be applied to children's products because the needs, skills, and expectations of this user population are drastically different than those of adults. In recent years, designers have started developing design principles for children, but this work has not been collected in one place. This paper takes a first step towards this goal: based on an analysis of a wide range of research into children's technology, we present a catalogue of design principles for children's technology that are oriented towards the needs of designers.




Sonia Chiasson Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Effects of the Media Equation on Children
Computers play an increasingly large part in children's daily lives, yet most interface design research has focused on adult users.


Chiasson, S., Gutwin, C. 2005. Design Principles for Children's Software., Technical Report HCI-TR-05-02, Computer Science Department, University of Saskatchewan.


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