Publication: Awareness Support in a Groupware Widget Toolkit

It is currently difficult to build synchronous groupware interfaces that support group awareness. This difficulty exists for two main reasons: 1) group awareness requires user interface components that provide complex visual representations of awareness data, and 2) group awareness requires a distributed groupware infrastructure. Current groupware toolkits do not provide awareness support in generic and reusable ways and interfaces therefore require considerable development effort. This thesis describes a new groupware toolkit has been developed that allows developers to efficiently add awareness support to groupware interfaces. The toolkit provides a suite of customizable and reusable components that provide group awareness information and that abstract away low-level groupware issues such as distributed communication. The toolkit has been shown to substantially reduce development effort, is scalable, extensible, flexible, and easy to use, and allows rapid prototyping and testing.




Jason Hill


MAUI: a Multi-user Awareness User Interface toolkit
Group awareness is an important part of synchronous collaboration, and support for group awareness can greatly improve groupware usability.


Hill, J. 2003. Awareness Support in a Groupware Widget Toolkit. M.Sc. Thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan.


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