Project: DJ-Audience Interaction in Nightclubs

We are examining the ways in which DJs and audiences gain awareness of each other in nightclub environments in order to make a set of design principles for developing new technologies for nightclubs. We expect to discover opportunites to enhance communication and feedback mechanisms between DJs and audiences, and to discover opportunities for developing novel audience-audience communications in order to create more meaningful interactions between crowd members, more playful environments, and a new dimension of awareness in nightclubs. We also expect that these design principles could be explored later within other audience-presenter situations, such as in classrooms or theatres.

Currently, we are interviewing DJs across Canada to find out how they gain awareness of their audiences, how they get this information, and how they use this information. We are also exploring how individual DJs balance responding to their audience and performing the art of tastemaking and challenging those audiences. We are also asking DJs to comment on how various technologies have intersected with their practice. This information will be analyzed in order to seek out a better understanding of the way which DJs relate to the audience (and vice versa) and later we will look at how audience members relate to one another, as well as to the DJ.

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Carrie Gates Sriram Subramanian
University of Bristol