Project: Supporting Handoff in Shared Tabletop Workspaces

In face-to-face collaborative work, individuals often share objects by physically handing them off to others. Handoff is a low-level collaborative action that occurs smoothly and naturally in physical settings, but that is often not considered in detail in the design of digital workspaces. In this project, we will investigate how handoff can be better supported in tabletop groupware systems. This research has three main parts. First, we will carry out observational studies of multi-person tabletop tasks, and we will analyze the results in order to gain a detailed understanding of how handoff occurs in the real-world. Second, we will propose a set of design principles for supporting handoff in tabletop groupware. Third, we will develop interaction techniques that instantiate the design principles, and we will evaluate the techniques and principles using lab experiments.

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Liu Jun Sriram Subramanian
University of Bristol