Project: Modelling Steering within Above-the-Surface Interaction Layers

Interaction techniques that utilize the space above the display surface to extend the functionalities of digitized surfaces continue to emerge. In such techniques, movements are constrained by the bounds of a layer. In addition, constraints imposed on the direction of movement within the layer may be present. Despite the presence of such techniques, there is limited understanding of human capabilities for performing the required steering task. In this project we studied and modelled user performance when steering through constrained and unconstrained paths in above-the-surface layers. Through a series of experiments we validated the derivation and applicability of our proposed models.

It would be interesting to investigate other possible visualizations for displaying the stylus position within a layer. It would be particularly interesting to look at the scenario where multiple layers exist. We are investigating how some of the unexplored factors would affect the results which we obtained.

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Ragu Kattinakere Tovi Grossman
Sriram Subramanian
University of Bristol
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan