Project: Advanced Interaction for Multi-display Environments

Multi-display environments (interfaces composed by several display surfaces) have the potential to dramatically change the way that we work with digital information: for example, they provide a variety of work surfaces to fit different kinds of tasks, they provide a very large visual bandwidth, they enable the use of peripheral attention space, and they naturally support co-located collaboration. Although MDEs are growing in popularity, most multi-display interfaces are simple adaptations of the standard single-display desktop.

This project is aimed at understanding and improving current and future interfaces for multi-display interaction. In particular we are interested in:

  • Interaction techniques for current MDEs (e.g., multi-monitor PCs)
  • Interaction techniques for control of very heterogeneous MDEs
  • Visualization techniques in heterogeneous MDEs
  • Perspective-aware MDEs
  • Ad-hoc MDEs composed of multiple mobile devices
  • Collaboration and awareness in multi-display environments
  • This research is being carried out in collaboration with the Human Interface Engineering Lab, Osaka University, Japan.

    Contact Miguel Nacenta if you would like more information on this project.


    Miguel Nacenta
    University of St Andrews, University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary
    Carl Gutwin
    University of Saskatchewan
    Sriram Subramanian
    University of Bristol
    Regan Mandryk
    University of Saskatchewan


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