Project: Awareness In Shared 3D Workspaces

Groupspace is an environment that allows its users to view 3D models in a shared workspace. The purpose of Groupspace is to allow collaborators to view 3D models from any aspect while maintaining an awareness of the viewing perspectives of the other participants in real time. Each participant is represented in 3D space by displaying a uniquely coloured 3D representation of the participant's head at the participant's exact viewpoint of the 3D object in 3D space. Awareness of other participants' viewpoints is essential for discussing features of the 3D object in a collaborative environment. Some possible applications of Groupspace include CAD drawing analysis, distance education, molecular modeling, astronomical analysis, and topographic feature analysis.


Groupspace 3D Software
Awareness In Shared Workspaces Movie (RealPlayer; 12MB)


Jeff Dyck
University of Saskatchewan
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Groupspace: a 3D Workspace Supporting User Awareness
Dyck, J., Gutwin, C. (2002), Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 502-503.