Project: Groupware Toolkit for C#

The GT library is a groupware toolkit with two goals: to simplify the development of real-time distributed groupware, and to improve the performance of distributed applications. The toolkit makes it simple to build groupware by taking care of networking and by providing several high-level programming abstractions to deal with communication and distributed data. It is designed to speed the development of simple groupware applications by allowing developers to create distributed systems without the need to program lower-level networking code.

GT is released under the, CC-BY license.


GT v3.0
The latest version of the GT v3.0 branch is GT v3.0.2 (released 2009/11/10)

GT v2.0
The latest version of the GT v2.0 branch is GT v2.0.2 (released 2009/05/14)

GT v1.0 (or "GT Classic"; now deprecated in favour of GT v2.0).

Active Development

GT is under active development; the bleeding edge source code and documentation is available through the GT Trac and GT SVN repository (user: anonymous, empty password).

Questions, Problems, Requests

Please submit any problems or requests via the GT Trac. There is a GT users mailing-list: subscribe by sending a message to with the following in the body:

subscribe gt-users
and reply to the confirmation.


Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan
Dane Stuckel
Tad Stach
Queen's University
Mark Watson
Institute Without Boundaries
Christopher Fedak Jeff Dyck
University of Saskatchewan
Céline Ferré Brian de Alwis