Project: Targeting Assistance for Distant Pointing at Interactive Surfaces

Pointing at displays from a distance is becoming a common scenario for controlling computers, entertainment systems, and video games. Several devices use direct-pointing methods, where the user points a hand-held device at targets on a screen, but these often suffer from accuracy problems. Many techniques have been explored for improving mouse-based pointing, and some research has recognized the potential of targeting assists in for remote pointing; however, this new type of interaction is still not well understood. Our research in this area seeks to provide basic understanding of targeting assists in these scenarios and how they might be applied in real-world applications.


Scott Bateman
University of New Brunswick
Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan
Carl Gutwin
University of Saskatchewan


Target Assistance for Subtly Balancing Competitive Play
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Investigation of Targeting-Assistance Techniques for Distant Pointing with Relative Ray Casting
Bateman, S., Mandryk, R., Gutwin, C., Xiao, R. (2009), Technical Report 3-2009, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan. 8 pages. Published December 14, 2009. Available at