Project: LaVizKit: A visualization toolkit

Visualizations are an effective and visually pleasing way of conveying information to a computer user, but can be difficult for people without skills in design or programming to create. We provide a toolkit for creating on-screen visualizations, based on customizable effects rendered on the user's display. LaVizKit represents the first general software solution for creating visualizations that: is easy for developers to deploy; is easy for designers to customize to be consistent with the visual style of their application or domain; uses computationally-powerful pixel shaders to render the visualizations; generalizes to work with any computer application or can be customized to interact with application elements; has variable levels of disruption that can be controlled dynamically by an application; and has continuous and programmatically-controlled levels of the visualization that are determined and rendered at run-time.

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Regan Mandryk
University of Saskatchewan
Andre Doucette
Coconut Software
Shane Dielschneider
University of Saskatchewan
Brett Taylor
University of Saskatchewan