Maximilian A. Friehs

Position: Alumni

Dr. Friehs is a cognitive neuroscientist and was awarded his PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Trier (Germany). Over the last years he collaborated with researchers around the globe on a multitude of projects ranging from fundamental research on the neurophysiological underpinnings of cognitive control to investigating how motivation can shape gameplay and how in turn games can shape motivation. His research combines approaches and methods from the fields of cognitive neuroscience (e.g., non-invasive brain stimulation) as well as HCI (e.g., gamification).

For more information please refer to a copy of his CV, his ResearchGate and GoogleScholar profiles.


Jason T. Bowey, Maximilian A. Friehs, Regan L. Mandryk (2019) Red or blue pill: Fostering identification and transportation through dialogue choices in RPGs, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, doi:10.1145/3337722.3337734