Venkat Kiran Bandi

Venkat is a web developer at the HCI lab working with Dr. Carl Gutwin for the plant phenotyping project at P2IRC. His work is centered around building a suite of visualization tools and web interfaces for exploring genomic datasets and he works in collaboration with a diverse team of bioinformaticians, genome researchers and biologists.  Venkat […]

Aristides Mairena

Ari is a research assistant at the HCI Lab working with Carl Gutwin developing custom software and visualization tools for the plant phenotyping project at P2IRC and researching how domain experts utilize our tools for analysis and collaboration. Ari moved to Saskatoon to pursue his MSc in Computer Science after completing his B.A. in Information […]

Julian Frommel

Dr. Julian Frommel conducts research in human-computer interaction, contributing to several focus areas. His overall research goal is to contribute to the theoretical understanding and the design and implementation of interactive systems that provide enjoyable, meaningful, and healthy experiences for users. This involves assessing and modeling user states to predict when experiences go awry, building […]