Cody Phillips

Dr. Cody Phillips is a Special Lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Since arriving at the University of Saskatchewan in 2019, Cody has been building a program of research exploring the benefits of commercial video games. In particular, Cody is interested in exploring the second-order effects of video game induced self-efficacy. Cody earned his […]

Madison Klarkowski

Dr. Madison Klarkowski is an early career games researcher. She specialises in the evaluation of player experiences, psychophysiological assessment, and the exploration of games as facilitators for wellbeing and social connectedness. In her Ph.D research, Madison developed and evaluated a methodology for the psychophysiological assessment of challenge in the context of digital play. Since arriving […]

Ian Stavness

Dr. Ian Stavness’s main research areas are computer graphics/vision, 3D displays, deep learning, biomechanics, and computational agriculture.   Publications

Carl Gutwin

headshot of Carl Gutwin

Dr. Carl Gutwin’s main research areas are computer-supported cooperative work, interaction techniques, and surface computing. Contact Carl Gutwin, Professor Department of Computer Science University of Saskatchewan 110 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5C9 Tel: +1 306 966 8646 Fax: +1 306 966 4884 CS homepage Publications

Regan Mandryk

headshot of Regan Mandryk

Dr. Regan Mandryk pioneered the area of affective physiological evaluation for computer games in her Ph.D. research with support from Electronic Arts. With over 200 publications that have been cited over 10000 times (including one of Google Scholar’s 10 classic papers in HCI from 2006), she continues to investigate novel ways of understanding players and […]