Sarah Vedress

Hi, I’m Sarah! I completed my B.A. & Sc in Interactive Systems Design at the University of Saskatchewan and worked as an assistant researcher in the Interaction Lab for 2.5 years. I am now a fresh master’s student, supervised by Regan Mandryk. I’m interested in game design as it relates to mental health. In my […]

Jason Bowey

Jason’s main research area focuses on the relationship between Player and Protagonist in games. He has studied a wide range of topics including using games to manipulate experience, narrative prototyping, understanding how sexist content effects player experience, and understanding the mechanisms of dialogue choices in games.   Jason is currently an instructor at the Recording […]

Brandon Piller

Brandon joined the HCI lab in 2019 after finishing his B.A & Sc in Interactive Systems Design at the University of Saskatchewan, supervised by Regan Mandryk and Cody Phillips. His research focuses on how breaks in video games can affect player performance and experience. Publications

Natanael Bandeira Romão Tomé

Natanael Bandeira Romão Tomé joined the Interaction Lab in 2018, after finishing his BSc in Digital Media and Systems at Federal University of Ceara, Brazil, and is supervised by Carl Gutwin. He is currently finishing his master’s degree and working as a web developer for the plant phenotyping project at P2IRC, as well as other […]

Raquel Robinson

Raquel Robinson is interested in using affective physiological communication to enhance game and live-streaming experiences. She is a third year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Regan Mandryk.  She obtained her Master of Science degree in Computational Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz back in 2018. During her Master’s degree, she designed […]

Kevin Lam

Kevin’s research interests are in developing new brain-computer interface technologies and bringing them to mainstream markets. His current work is focused on studying how noisy input signals in devices can affect a user’s experience with learning to use new input modalities. He is now completing his M.Sc. under Carl Gutwin and Madison Klarkowski at the […]

Colby Johanson

Colby’s research goal is to help you be a better gamer. That is, he explores how psychomotor skills develop within games. He also developed and maintains the “Bride of Frankensystem” framework that many members of the lab use to run their experiments online. He is working on completing his Ph.D. and is co-supervised by Carl […]

Katelyn Wiley

Katelyn researches the use of games for cognitive assessment, particularly in the area of attention. She studies how these games are made and evaluated, how they compare to traditional assessment methods, and how they can be used to collect high-quality, high-quantity psychological data. She is completing her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Regan Mandryk. […]

Md. Sami Uddin

Sami’s research falls under the broad category of Human-Computer Interaction; primarily, he focuses on users’ rapid development of expertise with computer interfaces. He investigates and exploits people’s physical and cognitive abilities, including the constraints of the devices people use, to design better interaction facilities and support users becoming experts quickly.   He joined the Interaction […]

Matthew Miller

I’m a PhD candidate working to understand and improve video chat as a tool to form and maintain relationships. My current interests include understanding how video chat makes us feel (e.g., anxious or self-focused) and behave (e.g., sharing personal information). I also study how tools for coviewing media can support video chat users in spending […]